Broken Screen

In the hall of the Whitney museum for the Verbal Description and Touch Tour of the Biennial 2012. The tour allows the blind and visually impaired to experience art pieces using senses other than sight. New York, 2012

Flowers can be hit and fall very easily; in some houses they're kept under transparent plastic bells. Apartment of Dale Layne, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

Alexandra Hobbes, blind since the age of four because of domestic violence, listens to the television in the apartment where she lives with her husband Elijah Hobbes, albino and visually impaired. New York, 2012

Matthew Whitaker, a young blind drummer who is already known as a musician, takes the arm of a schoolmate during a music lesson at the Lighthouse International, center for the blind and visually impaired. New York, 2012

Gloria Turnblo, blind since 2010, poses during a class of photography for the blind at Visions center for the blind. The class is taught by Mark Andres, a sighted photographer. Students compose the frame and decide the position of the subject with the help of visual memory. New York, 2011

Collin Watt, visually impaired, looks from a very short distance at a photo shot by Tim Hetherington, at the retrospective at the photographer at Yossi Milo Gallery. Before his death in April 2011, Tim Hetherington had been working on a project with the Milton Margai School for the Blind, Sierra Leone. New York, 2012

Alexandra Hobbes holds her daughter Destiny. Hobbes was blinded by domestic abuse at the age of four, and she grew up in a foster home. New York, 2013

Collin Watt, visually impaired, climbs a rope in his backyard. He is a karate teacher for the visually impaired and works out daily. Queens, New York, 2012

Collin Watt, visually impaired, is pictured sitting in a bar. New York, 2012

Verbal Description and Touch Tour of the Whitney Biennial 2012, where the blind and visually impaired can experience art pieces without seeing them. New York, 2012

Michael Faillace, a blind lawyer, swims daily in Asphalt Green, a swimming-pool in the Upper East Side. He says the contact with the water helps drain the stress of his job. New York, 2012

Fish are pictured in a bowl in the house of Collin Watt, a visually impaired man. Queens, 2012

Visually impaired kids who didn't know each other beforehand dance at a party. Brooklyn, NY 2014

Kitchen of the restaurant Dans le Noir, where blind waiters served the clients in a completely dark dining room.Blind waiters were employed to guide the experience and because they're able to find orientation in the dark. New York, 2012

Students from the World Services for the Blind (WSB) sit before watching a movie inside a theater in Little Rock. Robert Brown (L), visually impaired, Dale Layne (C), blind, and Cynda Bellamy, a sighted recreation specialist at the IT school World Services for the Blind, were preparing to watch "Cloud Atlas". Little Rock, AR, 2013

Danielle Corley plays in her room in East New York. Danielle is a sighted child growing up with blind parents. Dominique, her mother, was blinded at the age of 26 in a car crash. She says that "Danielle is still too young to understand blindness fully, but she knows that mom and dad can't see. Sometimes she waves her hand in front of my face to play. I know that because I can feel the air moving. Brooklyn, NY. 2012

Alexandra Hobbes and her husband Elijah are pictured during a visit at the Central Park Zoo. Alexandra Hobbes was blinded by domestic abuse at the age of four, and she grew up in a foster home. Elijah Hobbes is visually impaired because of albinism and works as a computer technician. New York, 2013

Collin Watt ties a knot on a rope in his backyard in Jamaica, Queens, NY, 2012

Blind poet and publisher Steve Cannon is pictured in his office at The Gathering of the Tribes, art gallery and poetry space Cannon founded in 1991, that quickly became a landmark of the New York East Village. New York, 2014

A TV is photographed in Dale Layne's apartment. Brooklyn, NY, 2012